Refund Policy

***By purchasing your ticket to the 2024 Acorn Gathering, YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE BELOW:

FORCE MAJEURE. If The Acorn Gathering, LLC fails to put on the 2024 Acorn Gathering ("the Gathering") or cancels it because of prevention, delay, or stoppage caused by a "Force Majeure Event," defined as: strikes; trade embargoes or sanctions; lockouts; labor disputes; acts of God; inability to obtain services, labor, or materials or reasonable substitutes for those items; government actions or inactions; civil commotions; disaster; terrorism; riots; war; enemy or hostile governmental action; judicial orders; fire or other casualty; delay, failure, or interruption of any utility service; epidemics; pandemics; or other causes beyond The Acorn Gathering, LLC's reasonable control, including governmental restrictions, laws, regulations, controls, requirements, decrees, mandates, or orders (including, without limitation, those requiring individuals to "shelter in place," "stay at home" and/or otherwise quarantine, or requiring businesses to close or be limited in operations), The Acorn Gathering, LLC's performance of its obligations to you, including without limitation its obligations to put on the Gathering, will be excused.

REFUNDS IF YOU CANCEL BEFORE MARCH 1st, 2024 get deducted $60 per Adult ticket & $30 for Youth tickets (ages 5-16) for a processing fee.

NO REFUNDS IF YOU CANCEL ON OR AFTER MARCH 1st, 2024. It is your responsibility to find another person to buy your ticket if you have to cancel after March 1st.

IF THE GATHERING IS CANCELED ON OR AFTER MARCH 1st, 2024 DUE TO A FORCE MAJEURE EVENT, you will only receive a refund of 50%.