Our Vision

     The Vision of The Acorn Gathering is to create a safe and sacred space for people to learn about earth-based and ancestral skills. It is our hope that through our time together and the teachings that are offered we will all come away with a deeper understanding  and respect for ourselves and the Earth.



     We recognize that many people have already made a commitment to live their lives in a more deeply integrated and connected way with the Earth. The Acorn Gathering is a forum where experienced teachers and mentors can offer their knowledge and wisdom to others. We are eternally grateful to all the pioneers who have made it their life mission to reconnect with and share these natural living skills.




     We understand that in order to pass on the inheritance of this beautiful planet to our children's children, we need to take the time build our relationship with the Earth. The Acorn Gathering is a place to “gather” knowledge, skills & wisdom, just as the natives gathered acorns to provide nourishment and energy for themselves and their community.

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