Sasha Rabin

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Sasha Rabin’s main focus in life has been creating beautiful houses and structures out of earth, and has been teaching various forms of earthen building for the past 14 years. Sasha was drawn to natural building due to her interest in the impact that shelter has on our lives and what it means to live in beautifully created homes, of natural non-toxic materials. Her passions have also grown to include the creation of what we adorn our homes with after we have built them.  This has led to a journey of learning how to create many of the smaller things we put in our houses, including many of which can be made of fiber and felt.  



Fibers have been felted into fabric for thousands of year. It is thought to originate with the nomads on the Eurasian Steepe, to this day it is used for a huge variety of uses. This workshop will offer students the opportunity to create a small,  two or three dimensional felt project of their choice; from small bags, hats, or baby booties.The focus will be starting small with a project that will enable someone to return home with the skills to delve into a larger project. 

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