Betty Seaman

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Betty has taught workshops all over the U.S. on natural building, such as at The Cobb Cottage Company in Oregon. She has worked with many families and communities to help them build different structures with the Earth so that they can enjoy the tranquility of what natural building has to offer. Betty is an artist of many modalities, such as beading, leathercraft and cooking. She has so much knowledge to share!


Buckskin leather sewing

Learn the basics and beyond about working with handmade buckskin brain tanned leather. Explore basic and advanced sewing techniques for making bags to clothing! 



Beadwork is beautiful adornment tradition practiced around the world. In this class, students will learn some of the foundational stitches of seed beadwork on buckskin, including rosettes, bead embroidery, lane stitch and edge beading. Students will be able to construct a small pouch with colorful patterns of their choice, or bring their already finished small buckskin bag to learn the stitches of finishing beadwork. 

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