Benjamin Pixie

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Benjamin will be joining us from the Pacific Northwest. He is deeply connected to bees and the magic of their offering to this life. His honey business, Pixie Honey Company, is quite well known on the west coast and in the Olympia area, which is where he and his family run their business. Benjamin has worked hard to maintain the incredible quality of a variety of products, including honey, bee pollen, botanical extracts, candles, and salves. They have been helping pollinate small farms, blueberry bogs and other fruit all over the Pacific Northwest. Benjamin Pixie will be offering a variety of classes this year that represent his wide range of knowledge and experience!!


Bark Tanning Fish Skins

Learn this ancient craft of working with fish skins and turning them into strong usable material for making shoes, clothes or other items. You will get to tan a fish skin from start to finish and for those who are interested, you can learn how to make shoes with fish skins.

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