Mia Lopez

Here is a list of new and past instructors to give you a taste of classes offered.We strive to provide a unique & diverse group of creative & talented instructors. Soon after you arrive at the gathering you will hear about the classes offered for the week and sign up... old school style. Daily morning announcements happen to help you find classes to jump in on. Don't worry, there are plenty of classes to choose from! 


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Weaving with Tule

Learn how to weave with the Tule plant, a CA native waterplant. This plant has been used by various native CA tribes for millenia. Traditionally it has been used to weave and build boats, house, clothes, baskets and mats, to name a few. We'll learn various twining techniques to weave either a basket, mat or sun visor out of a sedge plant called tule. This class will inspire you with the basics if you are new, or further your knowledge if you are experienced.