Kate Jaffe

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Kate Jaffe lives in Santa Cruz California where she teaches elementary school Ethnobotany during school hours and wilderness survival and peacemaking after school. Her passions include spinning wool, felting, weaving, metal jewelry making, herbal medicine making, and bike touring. She has a studio on the west side of Santa Cruz where she teaches spinning, weaving and bookmaking. This will be her second time teaching at Acorn Gathering.


Spinning Class

In this class you will learn how to turn sheep's wool into yarn that can be used for knitting, crocheting, or weaving. Students will be learning on a traditional top - weighted drop spindle as well as have the opportunity to try using an Ashford traditional spinning wheel to make their yarn. Class will cover cleaning, carding and spinning wool. Participants will get to keep all yarn they make in this class. Save your yarn and use it in our weaving class the next day!

Weaving Class

In this class you will get to make their very own unique tapestry to take home. Class will cover various tapestry techniques, use of color, different fibers and the long and storied history of weaving in cultures around the world. All skill levels and experience are welcome. Students will be provided with a loom, an assortment of yarns and personal instruction to help them bring their weaving to life. 

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