JT Beggs

Here is a list of new and past instructors to give you a taste of classes offered.We strive to provide a unique & diverse group of creative & talented instructors. Soon after you arrive at the gathering you will hear about the classes offered for the week and sign up... old school style. Daily morning announcements happen to help you find classes to jump in on. Don't worry, there are plenty of classes to choose from! 


JT’s connection to nature was fully realized as soon as he was old enough to cover himself in dirt. He has spent over six weeks of his life living off of exclusively wild foods and loves plants. JT is very proudly the progeny of a long line of artisanal grandmother/cooks going back into Mesoamerica and Spain. He also has a deep respect of traditional cultures and is constantly engaging his curiosity in this subject, as is said in Irish “Aoibhinn beatha an scoláire” – beautiful is the life of the scholar.


Cooking with Wild Foods

Explore the delicious, fragrant and storied California landscape by learning to identify edible, utilitarian and poisonous species. Students will become acquainted with much of the local flora of the area and learn traditional recipes which highlight the connections between cuisine, culture, history, natural living skills, and stewardship. Class will include cooking.


Primitive Pottery

We will discuss all aspects of primitive style pottery including how to find your own clay and different techniques to processing the clay into a usable consistency. We will hand build pots with wild gathered clay and if possible go out on the land and find some clay to use. We will paint our pots with natural minerals or plant based paint, as well as go over how to find and make your own. We will talk about different firing techniques and when to use which technique. We will build a tench "pit kiln" and fire our pots together as a class (after the pots have had time to dry).