Jeronimo Alonso Brown

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Jeronimo Alonso Brown was born in Argentina and only recently moved to the US. He comes from a long lineage of European farmers that emigrated to Argentina in the late 19th century. His family has been working the same land continuously for six generations. To this day they still cultivate the land in a traditional way. Through maintaing a diverse production of animals and crops, the Alonso Brown family was able to conserve sustainable farming techniques, crafts and skills. For Jeronimo one of the most important cultural events is the winter pig harvest. The pig harvest brings the farming community together for a few memorable days each year. Charcuterie made during this time provides the family with a substantial source of protein for the whole year. It is for this reason that the meat curing process has been passed down from one generation to the next as a sacred practice. Now it is up to Jeronimo to preserve this knowledge and share it with future generations.



Charcuterie is a traditional style of curing meats. Learn about the process! Bring a journal to take notes!