Ira Christian

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Ira Christian is a teacher, naturalist, and storyteller whose love for learning and the natural world was kindled at an early age.  After completing his BA in Political Theory at UC Santa Cruz, Ira embarked on a series of experiential learning opportunities around the world.  His travels have taken him to the the wilds of the North Cascade Mountains, where he participated in a six-month Stone Age living intensive; to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he apprenticed a theater artist who facilitated healing across sectarian divides; to Indiana, where he studied banjo-building; and to his family’s property in Northern California, where he both planted and tends an apple orchard.  Through his travels, Ira's interest in alternative models of teaching and learning led him to opportunities work mentoring youth in earth skills and nature connection with an array of outdoor schools and youth organizations.  Ira is excited to continue sharing his natural gift for teaching and his deep love of craft and place in his roles as teacher and naturalist at Manzanita.