spoon carving

These are some of our classes and instructors.
we have new and returning instructors each year!


spoon carving and knife handling for beginners, w/additional options for more experienced carvers, including hand-carved bowls, decorative and sculptural carving, turning on the lathe, and learning to use the shave horse, draw knife, and other hand tools. Bring your knife!



I started carving as a kid, and have been teaching almost as long. For the last ten years, I've been teaching spoon carving and greenwoodworking at gatherings and other venues. I use hand tools almost exclusively to carve bowls, spoons, and other utensils, and I turn bowls on a food-powered "pole lathe" (tho on my portable lathe, I substitute bungies for the pole). I've also done a lot of natural building and have worked as a teaching artist in schools and on various community art projects. Now I make part of my living by selling woodenwares, and also have a little publishing company called Hand Print Press (dot com). Every day of village time is a good day.

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