Modern & Ecological Homesteading/Farming

These are some of our classes and instructors.
we have new and returning instructors each year!


When we choose to live on a piece of land, at core of this experience is a web of relationships with the living systems that we are apart of. This class will explore techniques for deepening those relationships that sustain us. 


*This is a talk with some of our diverse local leaders in ecological living, homesteading and farming. This is to help grow awareness as a community with how we live in good relations with our modern world while utilizing sustainable practices.


Additional guests:

Jan Smith

Brenton Kelly

Heidi Tautrim

Chris Malloy

Russell Chamberlain

Rusty Davis



Betty Seaman

Betty has taught workshops all over the U.S. on natural building, such as at The Cobb Cottage Company in Oregon. She has worked with many families and communities to help them build different structures with the Earth so that they can enjoy the tranquility of what natural building has to offer. Betty is an artist of many modalities, such as beading, leathercraft and cooking. She has so much knowledge to share!

Jeronimo Alonso Brown

Jeronimo Alonso Brown was born in Argentina and only recently moved to the US. He comes from a long lineage of European farmers that emigrated to Argentina in the late 19th century. His family has been working the same land continuously for six generations. To this day they still cultivate the land in a traditional way. Through maintaing a diverse production of animals and crops, the Alonso Brown family was able to conserve sustainable farming techniques, crafts and skills. For Jeronimo one of the most important cultural events is the winter pig harvest. The pig harvest brings the farming community together for a few memorable days each year. Charcuterie made during this time provides the family with a substantial source of protein for the whole year. It is for this reason that the meat curing process has been passed down from one generation to the next as a sacred practice. Now it is up to Jeronimo to preserve this knowledge and share it with future generations.

Guner Tautrim

Guner is a jack of all trades! He and his family are local Santa Barbarians and live a healthy life connected to nature's elements. Guner is a master wood worker, craftsman and permaculture educator. He has travelled the work teaching and colloborating with others to learn from nature's systems and resources. He will be offering classes on how to use permaculture design to create vibrant and functional landscapes. These teaching will focus more on the broad acre realm vs. the urban realm.

Art Ludwig

Ecological Land and Water designer... It is so important to learn how water flows and slows and permeates through the earth. Art Ludwig is a well know specialist who has worked in this area for many years all over the world. He is filled with so much first hand information and has researched about every angle of water. Jump into his class to inspire your relationship to water, the land and all that entails. Go to for a detailed bio! 

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