Local Seafood, Fishing & Processing

These are some of our classes and instructors.
we have new and returning instructors each year!


Cleaning and processing whole fish, Parasite ID, cutting and preparation for sashimi, identifying if fish is sashimi grade to be eaten raw.  Cleaning and pealing Local Shrimp.  Learning how to keep your seafood fresh and learning how long will it last.  Storage techniques and key components to freezing seafood.  Ocean food harvesting and different fishing techniques: spearfishing, hook and line, shore gathering.
Fish Processing will be hands on bring a fillet knife or a sharp knife to class!
Learn hands on how to clean a whole fish to cook whole or to store or freeze.
Learn how to fillet Rockfish, Halibut/Sole (flat fish)
Learn how to skin, portion and de-bone fish fillets



Brian Colgate

Brian is a local fisherman and waterman who owns the Santa Barbara Fish Market. He is an amazing resource for anything in the sea! www.sbfish.com

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