Friction Fire

These are some of our classes and instructors.
we have new and returning instructors each year!


Have you ever made fire from two sticks? In this class you can learn from expert teachers how to respectfully harvest plants that can help you make fire to cook with, keep warm, sit by and more. Both hand drill and bow drill techniques will be shown. You can leave with your own fire kit! This magical practice takes patience and persistance.


Myron Cretney

Myron is a one-of-a-kind kind of guy... He has skills beyond what one would imagine... A person very much worth talking to!!!

Delmar & Tracy Williams

My name is Delmar Williams and I am from the Squamish and Lil'wat Nation. I have grown up within my community and with my elders who still speak their traditional language and sing our traditional songs. As a child, my family would fish the Fraser River every year to sustain us through the year. I carry the ancestral name of Banksht from my mother's family - and the name of Xwepilkinem, which was my father's ancestral name. My wife’s name is Sesemiya (aka Tracy Williams) and she is well known for her basketry and traditional cedar clothing. We have four children named Tethumkin (Brandon), Utszimalh (Colten), Meskiya (Tiffany), and Avery. We know that the path that we choose matters to future generations of stelmexw (human beings). And it is for this reason that we seek the pathway of an emerging Hunter Gatherer Family. IF we want our children to value the land, rivers, oceans, mountains, animals, and plants – then we must remind them of the blessings that we receive. We must teach our children the meaning of wenaxws (respect) for all things.


Sesemiya will be offering an opportunity to weave with Western Red Cedar Bark and create stunning cedar hats! The Cedar hats are a reflection of our environment – the plants, animals, Ancestors, and exquisite beauty of our precious landscape. Every Cedar hat will be made from a tree that has witnessed 50 years of growth and transformation, and surrounds the wearer in a bounty of kindness and spiritual protection.


On the Northwest Coast, we live in a rainforest environment that requires lots of knowledge, skills and patience when it comes to fire making. Join Delmar for an opportunity to make fire using West Coast materials! You can also learn how to make a Friction Fit Leather Knife Sheath………..Delmar will share all of his tricks and tips to getting the perfect fit!

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