Family Band

Here is a list of new and past instructors to give you a taste of classes offered.We strive to provide a unique & diverse group of creative & talented instructors. Soon after you arrive at the gathering you will hear about the classes offered for the week and sign up... old school style. Daily morning announcements happen to help you find classes to jump in on. Don't worry, there are plenty of classes to choose from! 


Jump in and sing or play an instrument with our Acorn Family Band! No experience necessary. You will be supported and guided to learn songs played daily throughout the week.

Lead by Katie Hix, Darrow & accompanied by other musicians!


Darrow Feldstein

Darrow grew up in Los Angeles but found his connection to wild nature during his time at UC Santa Cruz studying the natural history of California and spending a lot of time playing outside. He has led students from pre-school to graduate school in explorations of birds, botany, tracking, and reading the landscape. You may see him singing and playing the mandolin, telling stories, or being chased by groups of children. He's honored to be learning and serving this community.

Katie Hix

Katie grew up in Southern Indiana singing with Malcolm Dalglish, Moira Smiley, and Evie Ladin–her first mentors in music that showed her that singing happened with the whole body!  She currently leads family music classes in Santa Cruz, California for parents and their young ones and absolutely loves the relationships she’s made through these classes.  Katie loves to write her own songs, too, and specializes in creating & facilitating music that deepens connections to nature as well as always incorporating spontaneity & play.