Community Drum and Dance!

Here is a list of new and past instructors to give you a taste of classes offered.We strive to provide a unique & diverse group of creative & talented instructors. Soon after you arrive at the gathering you will hear about the classes offered for the week and sign up... old school style. Daily morning announcements happen to help you find classes to jump in on. Don't worry, there are plenty of classes to choose from! 


The rhythms of the drums have created the path for the human body to move by instinct. Together these modes of making and expressing music offer us humans the opportunity to get out of the mind and into the body through movements closely connected to the earth and ancient traditions. We will be dancing and celebrating life on the Saturday of the gathering. All ages, all people welcome. Don't be shy!! 


Leida Tolentino

Leida is an incredible local African dance teacher is the Santa Barbara area! She is incredibly joyful and passionate about sharing her love for dance. She will be bringing dance moves and songs from the west coast of Africa!! She recently spent about a month in Guinea learning from a master teacher and will be sharing dance and experiences from that journey. She teaches in Santa Barbara every Saturday late morning from 12:30-1:45 at Brasil Arts Cafe.  Drops-ins welcome!