Lindsay Dailey

These are many of the Classes being offered and Guides, but there will be some new instructors and classes added for 2017.
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Lindsay is a passionate wildtender, dedicating her practice and study to giving back to the natural world through stewarding wild plants and connecting people to nature. Learning from the worlds of ecological restoration and traditional knowledge from native peoples, she is an avid student of the wild, and dedicated to tending plants on behalf of all life. She is the co-founder of The Oak Granary, a community and non-profit education center in Northern California dedicated to restoring our regenerative relationship to the natural world, and former Wildlands Program Director at the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center. She has also spent over twelve years developing environmental education programs and permaculture designs with indigenous communities in California, Mexico, and Australia.

Acorns & Oaks!

Learn to process delicious and nutritious acorn flour in this hands-on session, where we’ll  prepare acorn flour to integrate into a wild feast that will serve our village! As we pound and leach acorn we’ll discuss different processing methods, and talk about the oak woodland ecology so vital for supporting all life – humans and nonhumans alike.