Jay Sliwa

Here is a taste of the instructors and classes we will have at the gathering! Stay tuned for updates.


Jay Sliwa is an amazing person with a lot of tricks up his sleeve. He is knowledgable in hide tanning, leather work, beadwork, herbalism, basketry and more. He lives primarily off of the land up in Northern California and spends weeks to months in the back country. We are blessed to have Jay as one of the main supporters of The Acorn Gathering.


Hide tanning

Hide tanning is an ancient craft that many indigenous people have used to make important items, such as clothing and tools. In this class you will learn and get hands on with this craft. You will learn what tools you need to tan hides on your own and be able to ask lots of questions. This class is a big committment, so know that if you do take it, you will need to limit taking other classes. Hides will be available for purchase to work with. If you have your own, you can bring it.