Caleb Soltau

Here is a taste of the instructors and classes we will have at the gathering! Stay tuned for updates.


Caleb Soltau was born and raised in a rural Oregon coastal town. From a young age he was immersed in the natural world of the rainforest. He has been guiding and mentoring youth in the wilderness for the past 15 years. He is now living along the Trinity river in Northern California where he teaches primitive skills, hosts youth skills camps and wilderness retreats.

He has a love of the wild world and the skill set to help inspire the mysteries of the natural world to come alive in our youth. Caleb has been trained in the Art of Mentoring, The Way of Council, and various wilderness youth therapy programs. He enjoys immersing himself in and facilitating awareness games, spending time wandering in the wilderness, crafting by the fire, raising his son and running his homestead.


Kids Program

The kids program at The Acorn Gathering is intended to support the children in their exploration with hands-on and experiential-based learning. With the support of our Kids Program instructors and you, as parents, a sacred and playful space will be provided for the little ones to get their hands on various crafts and skills. We work with other instructors at the gathering on how to include the children in experiencing or witnessing the classes that involve learning more complex skills. We want to support every child to explore skills they feel called to. There will be instructors supporting 4-7 year olds and 8-12 year olds (give or take on the age). Teens and all youth who feel ready will be encouraged to join adults in classes. Integration is key!

We will have specific instructors offering classes for youth to explore a craft or skill, or have their parent join them to give the instructor support. This will all be announced at each Morning Circle after breakfast.