Adrian Carroll

Here is a taste of the instructors and classes we will have at the gathering! Stay tuned for updates.


Adrian has been co-creating ecological homesteads in Northern California and Costa Rica for 13 years. His background is in permaculture, ecological design, organic farming, and community building.
He brings a vast diversity of experience and integrates them with purpose to help people create meaningful relationships with life and the ecosystems that they are a part of.

Modern & Ecological Homesteading/Farming

When we choose to live on a piece of land, at core of this experience is a web of relationships with the living systems that we are apart of. This class will explore techniques for deepening those relationships that sustain us. 


*This is a talk with some of our diverse local leaders in ecological living, homesteading and farming. This is to help grow awareness as a community with how we live in good relations with our modern world while utilizing sustainable practices.


Additional guests:

Jan Smith

Brenton Kelly

Heidi Tautrim

Chris Malloy

Russell Chamberlain

Rusty Davis